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Our fee system sets us apart; not only will you have a top quality service, it will be at a reasonable price, which wherever possible will be fixed to give the client price certainty throughout their dealings with us.

In every case our clients are offered a free initial diagnostic advice - this is not a free half hour or hour but a preliminary view of what needs to be done - if that takes more than an hour or requires a site visit then so be it. We are always happy to meet with a client at their premises and at their convenience.

In every case clients are offered fixed fees, staged fees or capped fees for the work we carry out on their behalf.

Our approach is to establish a long term relationship with a client rather than one lasting only for one case or matter; we want our clients to call us at any time without worrying about costs; our free diagnostic advice together with clarity, honesty and certainty in relation to anticipated fee's helps to establish that long term relationship.

Breakdown of our legal fees
  • What does this mean for us?

    • We don't like signing up to something without knowing how much it is going to cost and so we don't expect our clients to either.
    • We will offer fixed fees, staged payments or capped fees.
    • We will consider contingent fees where they are properly aligned with the client's commercial interests.
    • We will confirm our fees in writing.
    • We will always discuss new matters with clients at a free initial meeting or telephone call.
    • We will be clear about what is covered by the fees and tell out clients as early as possible if the agreed scope is potentially going to be exceeded.
    • We are clear about fee arrangements and payments with our consultants and suppliers.
  • Dealing with uncomfortable things

    We will be open with client about bills and billing. We don't want there to be any surprises.

  • Probate Fees

    We endeavour to provide clear pricing where we can so you know what to expect.

    Professional fees: £150 each / £250 pair

    Or where the value of the estate exceeds the tax threshold (£325,000 for an individual, £650,000 for a married couple) we would recommend tax advice is taken in relation to the whole estate planning. Though the cost of the Will may be similar, this would not include the additional tax advice or further legal work which may have to be carried out.

    If the Wills themselves are particularly complex including the creation of trusts then the costs will again by higher. Trust advice will be provided by Richard Vaux supported by our Private Client Team.

    Applications for probates within the tax threshold will be carried out by Director Richard Vaux with the support of the Charlotte Emmerson and Harmeet Singh Sanghera. These would normally attract a minimum fee of £500+VAT but this can rise dependant on the number of assets to be calculated. The Courts costs of applying for probate range from £215.00.

    If we are also managing the disposal of the estate and are appointed as Executors we would charge on the hourly rates for the parties doing the work starting at £100 an hour for a trainee solicitor up to £210 per hour for a Director. It is unlikely that the administration of the estates would be less than £1,000+VAT.

    Probates above the tax threshold will be overseen by Richard Vaux with the assistance of Simon Briton and work will be carried out at an appropriate level by the rest of the team. Hourly rates will be the same but it is not possible to give an indication of costs on a general basis as this will vary from one estate to another however a minimum level of cost for applying for a probate in these cases would be £1,000+VAT.

    In administering an estate over the tax threshold it is highly unlikely that fees would be less than £3,000+VAT but a clearer indication can be given for each estate on a case by case basis.

    For powers of Attorney, a power of attorney for either health and wellbeing or for financial decisions would be in the region of £450+VAT. To deal with both simultaneously would cost in the region of '800+VAT. Registration costs will be £82.00 per power of attorney. Again the work will be undertaken by Richard Vaux with the assistance of Charlotte Emerson and Harmeet Singh Sanghera or other trainees and paralegals within the firm.

  • Employment Tribunal Fees

    The fixed price employment law services we offer include:

    Service Price  
    1 hour meeting with employment law expert including written advice: £250+VAT
    Preparation of basic ET1 and particulars of claim: £500+VAT
    Preparation of detailed ET1 and particulars of claim: £950+VAT
    Preparation of List of Documents (where do not exceed 50 documents): £400+VAT
    Preparation of detailed list of documents (where exceed 50 documents but not more than 100): £900+VAT
    Preparation of basic schedule of loss: £250+VAT
    Preparation of detailed schedule of loss: £450+VAT
    Preparation of single witness statement (confined to unfair dismissal or straightforward discrimination claim): £950+VAT
    Preparation of more detailed witness statement on complex claims: £1,500+VAT
    Preparation of instructions to a barrister for the case: £500+VAT
    Preparation for Tribunal (small bundle of documents not exceeding 50): £500+VAT
    Preparation for Tribunal (small bundle of documents exceeding 50 but not over 100): £1,000+VAT
    Representation at Employment Tribunal (per day): £750+VAT
  • Fixed Fee Debt Recovery

    Our fixed fee debt recovery service is suitable for simple and straightforward debts, such as unpaid invoices for services rendered, which are recoverable in the small claims court and which have a value of up to £10,000.00.

    As legal costs are usually not awarded to the 'winner' in the small claims court it is important that clients know how much it will cost them to put the matter into court to ensure, taking into account the size of the debt, that it is economically sensible to do so.

    We believe our fixed fee structure strikes the correct balance to allow smaller debts to be pursued in as economic a manner as possible, whilst retaining PG Legal's high standards.


    • a. Letter of claim - £200.00+VAT
    • b. Where additional correspondence or telephone negotiation is necessary to bring about settlement without the need for formal court proceedings, we are willing to cap our fees at £400.00+VAT in relation to that settlement. Should it be obvious that this cap is likely to be exceeded, we would seek to contact you and arrange a suitable way forward.
    • c. Commencement of Proceedings - £200.00+VAT plus Court Fee (see fees schedule below)
    • d. If no response to proceedings - entry of default judgement £75.00+VAT
    • e. Capped fees up to and including trial -save in exceptional circumstances our charges will not exceed the fees quoted irrespective of the charge that might have been made on an hourly rate basis:
    for claims up to £1,500.00: £450+VAT
    for claims up to £3,000.00: £750+VAT
    for claims up to £5,000.00: £1,000+VAT
    for claims over £5,000.00: 25% of the claim value

    (All fees above are +VAT)

    • f. Other fees - if the matter progresses through the court process then there are additional court fees payable details of which are attached (see fees schedule below)
    • g. Barristers fees - in some cases we might advise using a barrister for the final hearing; we would advise you well in advance of any final hearing if we felt this was the best option.

    If you have a large number of debts to chase or believe that you will have a regular stream of debts to recover then we will look to discount our fees for the initial letter of claim referred to in paragraph a) above.

    To issue a claim for money, the following fees will be payable based on the amount claimed, including interest:

    Value of Claim Court Issued Claim Money Claim Online (MCOL)  
    Up to £300.00: £25.00
    Greater than £300 but no more than £500.00: £35.00
    Greater than £500 but no more than £1,000.00: £60.00
    Greater than £1,000 but no more than £1,500.00: £70.00
    Greater than £1,500 but no more than £3,000.00: £105.00
    Greater than £3,000 but no more than £5,000.00: £185.00
    Greater than £5,000 but no more than £10,000.00: £410.00

    Hearing Fees

    On the Small Claims Track where the amount claimed is:

    Up to £300.00: £25.00
    Between £300.01 and £500.00: £55.00
    Between £500.01 and £1,000.00: £80.00
    Between £1000.01 and £1,500.00: £115.00
    Between £1,500.01 and £3,000.00: £170.00
    More than £3,000.00: £335.00
    Fast track claim over £10,000.00 to £25,000.00: £545.00


    Once judgement has been obtain against the debtor if payment is still not received a range of enforcement options are available including bailiff enforcement, attachment of earnings orders and obtaining charges over a debtors property. We will advise on your options and agree fixed fees in relation to that also, whilst always bearing in mind the likelihood of recovery from the debtor.

    Our team

    Our Debt Recovery team is supervised by Director, Jonathan Fletcher. For more information about our people, please click here.


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